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Helping you to get organised, increase your profits and successfully tackle the financial challenges of running your dream hair, beauty and aesthetics business.

Why work with a specialist accountant?

Here at The Salon Expert Accountants, we talk your language. A lot of the advice we come across is full of jargon and normally not aimed specifically at salon owners. Our mission is to make accounting and tax much easier to understand, and specific for you, the salon owner. We have a deep understanding of your industry and how it works, enabling us to give tailored advice to salon owners like yourselves.

Running a salon has it’s difficulties and challenges. Our experience working within the hair, beauty and aesthetics industry means we get to know the unique challenges you face on a day to day basis.

Tax Savings

We understand in depth the different tax rules that specifically affect the hair, beauty and aesthetics industry – so we can guide you to save tax before there is a problem.

Tried and tested accounts procedures

We have bookkeeping processes in place set up specifically for salons and clinics saving you precious time and stress.


We have indepth experience of how profitable salons run – we use this knowledge to help you increase your profits and have a better work, life balance.

Large Network

We have a wide network of reliable contacts within your industry – When you need help we usually know the best people for you to speak to. 

What happens next?

So you have decided that working with a specialist accountant is the smart choice for you – here’s what happens next…

book a call

Book a Call

Reach out and book a free call to talk about the challenges you are currently facing.

book a discovery call

Discovery Call

Together, we’ll discuss your business, your needs, how we can help and the next steps you need to take.

follow a plan

Follow a Proven Plan

We will help you get organised with our proven bookkeeping and accounting systems so that you can move your business to the next level.

grow your business

Grow Your Business

With regular contact and support from us, watch your business grow from strength to strength.

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